Know Your Club

Now that you've joined, and we're so happy you did,

Here is some import information that will help you get the most out of your membership!

Gaining Access

  • To enter the gym, you MUST have your Membership Card or FastPass
  • There is a 30 Minute Pass Back rule that blocks your card from being scanned more than once within 30 minutes

Staying Squeaky Clean

  • Please remove street shoes upon entering the gym and wear clean close-toed athletic footwear for your workout. Slides, flip flops, crocs, bare and sock feet are not allowed at any time on the gym floor.
  • Please wipe your machines down after every use
  • Please leave equipment in its designated area and return moveable weights after use

Black Card Benefits Keep You Happy

  • A Black Card membership must be shown before using Black Card amenities (massage chairs and hydro beds)
  • A Black Card membership and ID must be shown before tanning
  • Black Card amenities are only available during staffed hours

Black Card Friends Make Happy Friends

  • First visit/workout must be during staffed hours to complete a Health History Form
  • Like any other member - they must have the membership card to gain access
  • Only ONE person per Black Card is allowed in the club at a time
  • Must be age of majority in the province where the gym is located
  • Has free access to Black Card amenities (excluding tanning)

Don't Miss Out

  • Tanning beds close 30 minutes prior to unstaffed hour for a daily deep clean
  • Showers close 30 minutes prior to unstaffed hours
  • At select locations, all amenities including hydro massage beds and massage chairs turn off 30 minutes prior to unstaffed hours. Please see a Host for details.

Getting Some Rays: Tanning Regulations

  • Photo ID must be checked for all individuals who appear to be less than 25 years old intending to tan
  • Must be age of majority in the province where the gym is located
  • Tanning is available to 4Less members and Black Card friends ($10.00 + tax per tan)
  • All tanners Must follow SMART Tanning Guidelines
  • Skin Type #1 cannot tan
  • Tanning goggles must be worn every time out tan (Tanners are required to show staff prior to tanning)
  • Sessions must be spaced at least 48 hours apart

A few notes for Happy Minors

  • Minors have access during staffed hours ONLY
  • The last check-in time for minors is 30 minutes prior to staffed hours ending
  • Staffed hours are posted at each location and at
  • Massage chair and hydro bed use may be purchased for $5.00 + tax per session

Behind Lock and Key: Locker Use

  • Please feel free to use our lockers during your workout ONLY
  • Please provide your own lock
  • Items left overnight will be removed

Safety First

  • Clubs with unstaffed hours have either:
    1. Emergency Response Stations with audio/video communication to a live agent or to dispatch police, fire or ambulance OR
    2. Panic Buttons that will send a signal to police services

Stay Happy: Know Our Policies

  • We do not offer holds on memberships
  • Members are able to transfer their Home Club for a fee
  • If you have a 4Less membership and wish to have access to all Fit4Less locations, we would be happy to upgrade you to Black Card Membership

Please don't leave... but if you must

  • We require at least 30-days' notice to cancel memberships
  • Please go into your club to cancel on a self-service kiosk
  • 1-Year Paid in Full memberships are non-refundable